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Members Club Info

Members Club Info

We would like every member of this club to interact with us as much as possible. This enables us
to help you and see where you need assistance with regards to trading. Not everyone is a natural
trader. However, we can all be good investors and that’s what matters.

How to be an effective trader and good investor?

For effective trading, one needs to trade by:
1. Looking at the numbers
2. Self education, further training and asking a lot of questions
3. Making decisions with minimum emotion, but rather rational and logical thought
4. Buying low and selling high
5. Not placing unrealistically high sell orders
6. Placing sell orders as soon as they have bought stock
7. Buying shares/stock/currencies lower than the market BID price
8. Watching the group forecasts and taking action
9. Placing Bollinger Bands on his/her trades and studying the history of a coin

Many other aspects can be considered, however these are the core values.