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Month 1

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Month 1

Our first month was full of excitement. We had a few ups and downs with the bitcoin Hardfork event and most of us took the safe route and withdraw our Bitcoin funds and placed it in USD for time being. Looking back, it was not such a good idea and we lost out on the Bitcoin run that took place.

Overall we did fairly well, but not close to what we wanted the group to grow on the Bitcoin Wallets.

Below is a screenshot of our Growth for the group.

This month we will work on new strategies to make up for our losses.

We started with 20 people and the growth is between -39% to 149% As you can see, some have done very well. As we all follow different strategies, some are day traders, some only trade a few days per week, and some only trade a few days for the month. Things are already looking better and the Bitcoin price has shot up at a point to well over $4000. When this happens, the Alt Coin prices struggle, but as we all know, the market is not predictable and we know how to make money on the rise and fall of the coins

Till next Post,

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