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Welcome to the “Penny Club Millionaire” Website

Penny Stock trading is really a medium to long term strategy, but long term is where Penny
Clubbers become very rich. We aim to provide the most up-to-date information on this site
regarding Penny Stocks in the Crypto Space. Members are given advice on the best currencies to
buy short and long term.
These currencies have the potential to grow exponentially which can translate into high returns for
low spend.
This is an exclusive site for active members.




Penny Club Millionaire is an education platform and does not promise any finite results as we do not have access to
personal trading platforms, nor do we have control over personal trades (what you buy and when
you buy it). We will give you “Buy” and “Sell” signals, and the choice to act on these signals lies
entirely with you.
Our expertise is derived from being investors ourselves. We are not financial advisers, and we are
not professionally qualified in the financial sector. We do not promise riches even with the options
we present. Everything that you will see and hear must be investigated by yourself, and you need
to take full responsibility for all the actions you take. We are not liable for any loss incurred.
This is not a scheme in the name of bitcoin, bitcoin-mining or cryptocurrencies that assure any
form of fixed return. No fixed returns are possible and we do not promise any return on investment
in your own Trading Platform.

Trading is Risky and should be treated as such!

If any company is assuring fixed returns, it’s likely a Ponzi scheme, or a scam, and you should be
wary, should you deal with such a company.
Although we will strive to become wealthy, we do not promise that anyone in the group will become
a millionaire or wealthy.
We cannot predict the future, nor the way the Crypto Currency Market fluctuates.

Advantages for Joining the Club:

• Exclusive email address

• Secret Facebook page

• Insider info on new coins

• Yearly club members holiday @ discount price

• Exclusive Club member clothing range @ discount prices

• Seminars/Webinars @ discount prices

• Affiliate commission paid in altcoins

• Free ongoing training

• Exclusive Dropbox access

• Free 30 min coaching per month

• Free weekly Penny Stock update meetings

In order for us to make sure you will be a good fit for our Club, we will need to do an interview with you

Penny Club Joining Fees:

• Joining Fee: R700.00

• Monthly Fee: R500

Why is now a good time to join the Club

1) Crypto Currencies are still in their infancy and few people know how to take advantage of this
2) New coins come into the market daily.
3) Coin prices are very low.
4) Price fluctuations are extreme in some cases and we can take advantage of this.